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“Since the inauguration of January 2017, each day has brought new and unexpected turmoil. As I watched and listened, I became more confused and angry every day. What did I do? What I always do; act. I joined with like-minded women who formed Progressive Women of NEPA. Together we will run for office. We will encourage and support one another. We will join together to change systematic racism, misogyny, sexual predation and irresponsible government. We will persist. We will have our voices heard! This year, I have the honor of serving as the Executive Director of our board. I intend to further the mission of PWNEPA, to uphold its principles and to empower local women of similar ideology and vision.” -Marie Killian

Marie Killian is PWNEPA’s Executive Director and is leading PWNEPA at one of its most exciting times. The organization recently restructured as a state registered political action committee (PAC). Marie is steering PWNEPA through membership growth, candidate recruitment and endorsement. She started her career as a business teacher at Queen Anne’s County High School in Maryland. When she moved to NEPA, she was a business manager for both Scranton Cardiovascular Group and Hillier Engineering and Technologies. In 2003, Marie was chosen to be the Assistant to the Chancellor of Penn State Worthington, Scranton. Currently, she is a committeewoman for Lackawanna County Democratic Party. Due to her excellent experience in leadership, she is the perfect woman to guide PWNEPA into these exciting times!

Marie earned her B.S. in Business Administration from Marywood University and her Masters in Psychology from Washington College in Maryland. She currently lives in Dunmore with her husband and always enjoys spending time with her family and her seven grandchildren.

Join Marie and sign up for PWNEPA now!

Marie Killian, Executive Director, PWNEPA


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