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PWNEPA Endorsed Candidates Contribute to Record Number of Women in PA Legislature

When Progressive Women of NEPA organized after the 2016 general election 47 women made up less than 19% of the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Today 79 women make up more than 31% of the state legislature. This year our endorsed candidate pictured above, Tarah Probst (PA House District 189), joins endorsed incumbent Maureen Madden (PA House District 115) and previously endorsed Bridget Kosierowski (PA House District 114) to serve in the PA House under the leadership of the first female Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton.

Pennsylvania’s legislature now ranks 28th in the nation in terms of female representation as opposed to 40th in 2016. PWNEPA celebrates this progress while recognizing that the Pennsylvania legislature is far from gender parity. We are committed to recruiting and supporting more progressive women running for state legislative seats as well as progressive women running for other local and statewide offices.



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