Happy Presidents Day!

The 2020 race is already here and 6 women have already announced!

Join our fb discussion and tell us who is your favorite and why?

Kamala Harris: The former attorney general of California, current senator of California, and the first senator ever elected of either Indian or Jamaican descent. You may remember her from the Kavanaugh hearings.

More here.

Kristen Gillibrand: The longtime senator of New York and is a fierce advocate against sexual harassment and assault. You may remember her from calling both Sen Franken and President Trump to resign after allegations of Sexual assault came forth.

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Tulsi Gabbard: The longtime representative of Hawaii, an Iraq war veteran and the first Hindu ever sworn into Congress.

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Amy Klobuchar: The longtime senator from Minnesota who boasts a reputation of working well across the aisle.

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Elizabeth Warren: The economic scholar and senior senator from Massachusetts. President Trump has often tweeted about her.

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Marianne Williamson: She is often described as Oprah's spiritual guide and is a bestselling self-help author.

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