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Congrats Dr. Jessica Rothchild

PWNEPA member, Dr. Jessica Rothchild announced that she is running for Scranton City Council! During State Rep. Kyle Mullins introduction, we learned that Governor Tom Wolf appointed Jessica to the Scranton Human Relations Commission in 2017. In May 2018, she was elected to a four-year term on the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee and also became Secretary of the LGBT Caucus for the PA Democratic Party! Wow!

The top issue on her website is " The people of Scranton deserve a transparent, local government that they can trust. Jessica supports adding to the Ethics Code and the development of an Ethics Board to address ethical concerns among city officials. She believes that another way the City of Scranton can strengthen trust with its residents is by enhancing its communication methods. Scranton residents need easier ways to contact city officials to file a complaint or make a request. The city also needs a better system to track and address issues throughout Scranton. The city's website is not well organized or being utilized to its full potential. Revamping the website and adding social media and apps would provide a more effective and efficient way of communicating."

Congrats, Jessica!!!

Read more here.

Dr. Jessica Rothchild


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